If you've attempted to target retina displays on the web in the past few years, you've probably realized that vector graphics are the future. The simplicity and accessibility of icon fonts is wonderful, and with resources like the open-source Font Awesome project at your disposal, it's easy to understand the appeal of the format.

However, Ian Feather's write-up on why Lonely Planet went all-in on SVGs has convinced me that icon fonts are not the end-all-be-all for vector shapes on the web.

One SVG icon project I've been paying close attention to is Iconic, a project that started out as one guy's open source project and exploded into a kickstarter campaign with nearly $100,000 of funding. From what I've seen, Iconic is an amazingly well thought-out and well-executed set of interactive icons.

And recently, the Iconic team followed through on a promise to keep Iconic open source with the release of Open Iconic, a set of icons comprising 218 glyphs that seamlessly integrate with the commercial Iconic icon set.

If you're interested in vector icons, watch these guys and the direction this project is going.

Update: Iconic recently made all Iconic vector forms available on The Noun Project.