We're all familiar with financial debt - those credit cards that reduce your 'fun money' every month as you work to pay them down, or that damn student loan that's keeping you from buying a new(er) car. Anyone that works in Tech is likely familiar with Tech Debt - the concept that those old applications written in Visual Basic or some other oldish technology are progressively causing you to move slower and slower as modern tools improve and your old code starts to spaghetti.

Idea debt is a similar concept. Ideation is, of course, a critical part of the creation process, but hanging on to too many grandiose ideas will drag down your capacity to actually create.

I just sat down and put pen to Trello board to get all of my project ideas out of my head. Just listing home renovation projects and landscaping projects, I came up with more than 100 separate things I'd like to do.


It's no wonder I've been feeling a bit trapped by my own ideas.

Imagining your future projects is holding you back.