Kyle Drake is bringing back one of the things that was wonderful and creative and exciting about the internet circa 1997: GeoCities or, in this incarnation, NeoCities.

This is why my goal with NeoCities is not to turn it into a GeoCities parody site, though I don't really care if people use it that way. The purpose of this project is not to inspire nostalgia. It's to rebuild the platform for us to be able to be creative again. To have sites that we can do whatever we want with. This is not nostalgia speaking. We really did lose our platforms for creativity and rich self expression online, and I want to help bring them back.

GeoCities was the catalyst that inspired my career. It introduced me to HTML, image editing, publishing and the excitement of being able to share my thoughts and creations with the world.

Sure the sites were gaudy and over-the-top. Yes, I still cringe knowing that I, too, made use of (at least one) animated 'Under Construction' gif. But the anonymity and freedom to create blindly, free of gatekeepers and the pressure of connections to friends and colleagues - having places like NeoCities - does indeed make the internet more fun.