Designer, Manager, Creator

My passion in life is creating. From discovering the joy of a successful business venture in middle school, to remodeling a kitchen from the studs out, the place that I find fulfillment lies in seeing potential, and doing the work to make that vision a reality that others enjoy.

As a designer, this means understanding the desires of my co-workers and the goals of the business, finding the constraints of our engineering capabilites, then working within that space to create products that meet the needs and wants of our users and future customers to help them achieve things they thought impossible. 

As a manager, I do the same for my employees - helping them realize their potential by helping them find opportunities for growth, and matching them with the challenges they need to grow, change, and create solutions that delight both their users and themselves. 

I like tackling big problems, challenging the status quo, and trying to create the world I wish I lived in. 

Let's talk about how might we make a better world, together.