Always in Progress

I purchased this domain nearly 20 years ago from the relative discomfort of my college dorm room. Back then, this site hosted a meager resume created, sliced and exported for the web in Photoshop, then cleaned up in Dreamweaver with some basic html edits and the addition of a few nice DHTML buttons 😅

At the time I had no idea that my intrest in design and technology would take me on such a fantastic journey. 

This site has served not only as a foundation for learning the basics of web hosting and site creation, but became my re-introduction to programming as I played with Wordpress, phpBB and osCommerce installs.

What you're looking at now is a Wordpress install running the Semplice plugin, a beautiful system for managing design portfolios. Unfortunately, despite making things on my site easier to manage then ever, I've given it very little of my attention lately - the cobbler's children have no shoes and all that.

Regardless, while this is not quite yet the representation of my work that I intend it to be, I find it's far easier to continue improving the imperfect than it is to stare at a blank canvas. 

So, while I have many plans for these pages and more examples of work to share, here are a few basics. 

Please connect with me on LinkedIn if you'd like to chat.