Professional Experience

TechSmith Corporation

Snagit User Experience Lead  •  East Lansing, Michigan  •  2023 - Present

After a reorg that flattened the organization, I found my way back to the peaceful world of individual contributor. I am currently the lead UX designer for Snagit, with two junior designers. I am responsible for collaborating across multiple business and product organizations and guide the future vision and execution of Snagit's UX.

  • Work with Snagit product owners, engineering, and product marketing managers to define a future vision for Snagit
  • Facilitate collaborative design activites to explore AI solutions
  • Modernize Snagit's design language and UI
  • Quality of life improvements in preparation for shift from perpetual licensing to SaaS model
UX Team Lead / Manager, Snagit  •  2021 – 2023

After the shutdown of our primary cloud product, Knowmia Enterprise, I worked with marketing and product leadership to re-orient the UX department towards our core desktop products with a focus on improving our end-to-end customer journey, bridging marketing, product and cloud services. In this position I coordinated activities across departments, creating personas, journey maps, and identifiying opportunites to bridge gaps in the Snagit user journey.

  • Managed four designers and one researcher across marketing, Snagit Mac and Windows, and cloud services
  • Organized the UX department into pods covering our two core customer journeys
  • Created weekly product touch points that spanned marketing, customer education, and product
  • Collaborated with cross-departmental teams to understand our strategic shift from perpetual products to a fully SaaS portfolio
UX Team Lead / Manager, Cloud Products  •  2017 – 2021

This role was my first experience having direct reports. As Team Lead for Cloud Product UX, I was responsible for performance reviews, coaching, mentoring, hiring, merit increases, and onboarding. Becuase we did not have a UX manager, my fellow co-Team lead and I also created UX career ladders, salary bands, career development guides, and more. My team was responsible for the following:

  • Knowia Enterprise, a higher education video management solution
  • Creation of Knowmia Pro, a new tier of Knowmia Enterprise targeted at individuals and teams
  • Screencast, a legacy personal video hosting  and file storage solution created in 2006
  • Creation of Video Review, a 0-to-1 solution for gathering feedback on video productions
  • Creation of Assets for Camtasia and Assets for Snagit, white-labeled stock content service upsells for Camtasia and Snagit users
  • Cloud front-end modernization through creation of a React design system based on Atomic Design concepts
  • Working with Ukranian contractor Eleks to provide input on the design and development of an all-new internal sales and customer-facing account management system to support a transition to SaaS
UX Designer & Product Owner  •  2013 – 2017
  • Lead designer on the TechSmith Store modernization project. Worked with sales and marketing management as well as operations engineering teams to select an e-Commerce solution and design and build a new online store experince
  • Redesigned the trial process in Snagit and Camtasia to require sign in and improve the product activation process
  • Lead designer and product owner of TechSmith Identity and Account systems, a 0-to-1 project creating and integrating a new user authenticaion and account management service with more than 20 individual products and services across the company
  • Worked with marketing and operations teams to create new CMS components, making mobile friendly

State of Michigan

Interaction Designer  •  Lansing, Michigan  •  2009 – 2013
  • Advocated for users and design as a member of the first UX Team at the State of Michigan
  • Created a service catalog for team offerings to other agencies
  • Researched and designed solutions for the Office of Retirement Systems retirement application process
  • Worked with cross-agency group to design and rollout SharePoint across all agencies

National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory

Freelance Flash Dev  •  East Lansing, Michigan  •  January – March 2008

Worked with NSCL staff to design and build an interactive, educational model of the cyclotron facility, including beam lines and experimental detectors.

Lansing State Journal/Gannett

Graphic Artist  •  Lansing, Michigan  •  2006 – 2010

Responsible for planning, design and layout of daily news and features sections, infographics, and online interactive features. Maintained design component libraries and info graphic styles.

The News Leader/Gannett | Staunton, Virginia

Design Editor  •  Staunton, Virginia  •  2004 – 2006

Responsible for quality of design and production of daily newspaper, including staff training. Planned and designed weekly feature publications. Undertook redesigns of multiple publications, as well as assited in upgrading publishing systems and design libraries.


Kent State University
1999 – 2003

Information design, journalism

Worked for the student-run newspaper The Kent Stater, designed The Burr, a twice yearly student magazine.

Lansing Community College 2007 – 2008

Computer programming

Introductory courses in software development, including systems analysis and intro to programming.

Training & Conferences
  • Reforge Product Strategy course, 2023
  • UX Summit 2017, 2018, 2019
  • SaFE Certification, 2018
  • An Event Apart 2013, 2015
  • UX Week 2014