TechSmith Store

Project Goal

Our previous e-commerce solution was a fully-hosted service with high costs, outdated integration options and heavily restricted dev access. The goal of this project was to switch to a new vendor that better matched our needs and improved the customer's purchasing experience while maintaining or improving web revenue. 

My role on this project was designer and project lead, working closely with the product owner and systems architect. 

Design goals

  • Seamless integration with pages served from our CMS
  • Consistent navigation across CMS and store pages
  • Fewer steps in the checkout process
  • Improved post-purchase experience


  • Introduced a new secondary nav element across all pages, simplifying marketing navigation and creating an integrated feel across site and store
  • Introduced a dynamic cart widget, eliminating the need to redirect users to a cart page when items are added
  • Eliminated a sign in/guest checkout interstitial page
  • Created new email receipts that mirror the order confirmation page, reducing confusion and customer service calls 
  • Securely integrated order processing with users accounts to save product activation data regardless of sign in status
  • Collaborated with leadership to create a phased rollout plan that continously delivered value and reduce project risk without sacrificing the customer experience
  • Greatly reduced cost of transactions, improved conversion rates and overall order value

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