Driving Growth with Focused UX and Collaboration

This case study explores the strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts undertaken by the UX Team Lead of the Snagit Experience Team, aiming to enhance the holistic user experience of Snagit, a renowned screen capture and recording software. Following a significant turnover in product leadership, the team faced the challenge of redefining the product's roadmap and focusing on strategic initiatives that align with the company's goals.


The departure of key product leadership team members left a void in strategic direction and context for Snagit. The new UX team, amidst forming new team norms, was tasked with identifying and executing a strategic initiative to drive user growth in the Workplace Communications sector. This initiative centered around improving the Initial User Experience (IUE) and addressing the underutilization of Snagit's video recording and sharing capabilities.


  • Strategic Focus and Persona Development: Collaborating with the remaining Snagit Strategy Lead, the UX team crafted a draft persona to center the team on critical user problems, particularly the neglect of Snagit's Initial User Experience.
  • User Journey Mapping: A comprehensive journey map was created to identify gaps from product discovery to purchase decision, revealing significant shortcomings in the trial software's onboarding experience.
  • Onboarding Experience Overhaul: A project was launched to develop a new onboarding experience that seamlessly transitions from marketing to product use, guiding users toward key features.
  • Workflow Streamlining: By mapping out the journey, the team identified and addressed issues in the video recording and sharing workflow, such as confusing messaging and slow upload times, enhancing the user experience.
  • Marketing and Product Synchronization: The marketing and product teams worked closely to align messaging, focusing on user outcomes rather than features. This included updating in-product trial dialogs, improving branding consistency across channels, building a new Initial User Experience, as well as enhancing video capabilities within Snagit.


  • Record Adoption Rates: The updates led to the fastest new version adoption in Snagit's history.
  • Increased Engagement: Engaged users increased by 25%, with the number of newly purchased users more than doubling year-over-year compared to Snagit 2023.
  • Significant Growth in MAU: There was an 82% increase in Monthly Active Users compared to the same period the previous year.

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